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Task 2

Identify the decision driver


Determine the main reason you need to make a decision about your situation. This is the decision driver, which will help you develop an assessment question (Task 3)

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The decision driver helps crystalise why your organisation is reviewing the issue. This helps clarify the problem statement and ensure the appropriate assessments are completed.


  • Based on the information you collected in the Issue Characterisation Checklist (Task 1), identify the decision driver. Decision drivers may include:
    • A threat
    • A proposed intervention
    • Social or ethical concerns
  • List some specific features of your decision driver. For example:
    • Possible features of a threat: Threat to donors, threat to recipients, blood shortage
    • Possible features of an intervention: New technology to replace current technology, may require lengthy regulatory approval
    • Possible features of a social concern: Sensitive issue, potential for legal ramifications
  • Note: If you identify more than one decision driver, repeat the above for the other drivers.

More detail on decision drivers

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