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Task 5

Initiate the plan


Begin deploying your scheduled participation plan

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Note: This should be completed before Stage 5, Evaluation, as it will form part of your evaluation.


  • Test the message content and format(s) with a group that represents the intended audience. Testers should be asked to:
    • Report on their level of understanding and engagement with the message
    • Comment on the style and tone of the message
    • Provide feedback on the proposed risk management measures
    • State their intent to carry out (or not) the proposed actions
    • Share any other information they consider relevant.
  • If necessary, use feedback from the test group to adjust the message content or format.
  • Deliver the message to different stakeholder groups as per your schedule of communication activities.
  • Monitor the response to the message by contacting key representatives and by following media reports and online commentary (e.g. blogs). Aim to find out:
    • Has the message reached the intended recipients?
    • Does the response to the message suggest any misperceptions?
  • Address any serious inaccuracies by a) issuing a clarifying statement (if the situation is urgent) or b) issuing a correction in the next scheduled release of information.
  • Advise Q2, Q3, and Q4 stakeholders when you would like to consult them.

Stage 3 Checklist

Before you proceed to the next stage, make sure you have:

  • Communicated your risk message to Q1 stakeholders
  • Clarified any misunderstandings about the message
  • Consulted with Q2, Q3, and Q4 stakeholders
  • Prepared and revised a report of your consultations

Additional detail on developing a participation plan

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