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Task 3

Identify and assess stakeholder groups


Identify and prioritize the stakeholders you will include in the decision process

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  • Identify and assess the audiences for consultation and communication
    • Who is at risk or vulnerable
    • Who is affected by the issue in other ways
    • Will the stakeholders you identified have the opportunity to recommend other stakeholders to consults
  •  Determine the categories of stakeholders you may want to include, such as:
    • Professional associations, health institutions, health professionals, thought leaders
    • Funders, regulators, industry partners, suppliers
    • Patient advocacy groups, affected patients, donors, current or former travellers to a region, general public.
  •  Using the Stakeholder Identification Tool, place each stakeholder category in the quadrant (Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4) that best represents their level of interest and influence.
  •  Assess the status of your operation’s current relationship with each of the stakeholders:
    • Green: positive/constructive
    • Yellow: neutral/ambivalent or non-existent
    • Red: challenging/negative or adversarial.

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